How To get Me Time into Your Routine

How to add “Me” Time into Your Routine

When creating a daily routine, it’s easy to forget to include a little time just for you. With so many things to focus on such as chores, work and parenting, fitting in “me” time isn’t always easy. However, as challenging as it can be, ensuring you take time out for yourself each day is really, really important. But you know that already - what you may need, is help on is how to find the time to add some "me" into your life. 

What does “Me” Time look like for you?

Before you can fit “me” time into your routine, you need to first understand what it means for you.

The goal of spending time doing something just for you is to help you to relax, enjoy life, and ensure you are taking good care of yourself. So, you’ll want to focus on things that you enjoy the most but barely get time to do.

For some, “me” time includes having a long hot soak in the bath and listening to their favourite music. For others, it’s catching up on their favourite TV show or reading a good book. Once you know how you’d prefer to spend time on yourself, you can figure out how to build it into your routine.

Finding the time

Now that you know what you want to do, it’s time to look into how you can fit it into your routine. Look at your current schedule and how you spend your time. If you find that you’re spending a lot of time checking social media for example, (or like me re-organising the kitchen cupboards for the fourth time this year!!) that’s the first thing you could cut back on, leaving you more time for self-care.

Once you actually look at how you currently spend your time, you may be surprised how much of it is wasted. With information coming at us left right and centre it's just too easy to get distracted and take up precious moments that could be redirected to benefit you and your well-being. 

Set yourself daily goals, breaking your tasks down into manageable steps. As you tick them off, it will give you additional motivation. Having goals to meet automatically makes you more focused to get them done. So, if you’re struggling to fit a little me time into your schedule, boosting productiveness throughout the day could be the answer.

Another way to include more time for yourself in your daily routine is to wake up a little earlier. Did you know many of the most successful people in the world wake up at around 4am or 5am? When you wake up earlier, you get to start your day before everyone else. This leaves you with more time later on in the day to spend on yourself. Sometimes this isn't always possible or practical, so think about your overall week rather and how you are feeling that day, after all getting your recommended 7- 8 hours sleep is also important. 

If you do manage to wake up earlier, you could use your earlier start as the time to focus on yourself. Before starting work, read a bit of that book you’ve been wanting to complete, or pop on a face mask to boost your skin whilst listening to a podcast for self-development. It's a great way to focus your mind and boost your happy endorphins before you carpe diem!

Adding more you time into your schedule isn’t as difficult as you might think. Like everything new, it needs focus and dedication but it is achievable for everyone and the results speak wonders for your body and mind. 

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