An Hour To Yourself

Recent studies have shown that taking an hour for yourself once or twice a week can bring some amazing benefits.
When you switch off completely, your mental strength is restored and you even get an increase in self-esteem.  What’s more, time alone increases empathy for others and improves all-round emotional intelligence. You’ll also get the added benefits of an increase in creativity and productivity, as well as a general feeling of calm and serenity.

This regular hour out means you’ll be better placed to help yourself and others, and ensure you’re ready to tackle anything modern life throws at you.

Besides ramping up your stress levels, the hectic nature of everyday life can take a toll on your skin. That’s why we have developed a range of eye patches and face masks that purify, detox and put the natural beauty back in your life.Our Brighten + Go Bio Cellulose Eye Patches are perfect for hour a peaceful indulgence. The ‘second sin’ effect of our high-quality cellulose makes these eye patches supremely comfortable, while delivering a nourishing serum packed full of natural polysaccharides to firm and tone the skin in luxury.

For a powerful, yet natural detox, why not opt for the Detox + Go Charcoal Tissue Detox Mask, which gently lifts away the day’s impurities? Made from 100% organic cotton, the Detox + Go mask is supremely comfortable and comes bathed in a fast-acting puri-detox serum to make the skin soft, smooth, and supple.

Whatever Poise + Go product you choose for your hour alone, we’re confident that you’ll find your skin looking fresher and brighter, and you’ll be back to your best before you know it.



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