Why does our skin change so much during pregnancy?

Why does our skin change so much during pregnancy?

Our bodies are hard at work on the inside, so it is no big surprise that will show on the outside.

During pregnancy, huge changes occur in our bodies that affect hormones, circulation, our immune system and most definitely affect the appearance of our skin. Some of the most common changes can be:

 The inevitable stretch marks

 Changes in skin colour (pigmentation)

 Spots or acne breakout

 Broken veins…

 …and that beautiful glow

 Whilst you may recoil at some of these possibilities, it’s reassuring to know that once baby has arrived, they will mostly go back to normal - although stretch marks tend to fade over time, rather than disappear completely, but when you are growing another human being, it’s hardly surprising!

But what about that wonderful ‘pregnancy glow’ – when can we look forward to that?

For most women, the pregnancy glow will begin at the end of the first trimester as they head into the second; however, some women are lucky enough to glow for the whole 9 months – but everyone is unique and you’ll get your glow on when your body allows you to. Spare a thought for the many who suffer from morning sickness and even Hyperemesis Gravidarum (a form of severe morning sickness), when skin conditions can often become worse and they are far from glowing.

How your skin reacts to pregnancy is very much down to genetics and a lot of luck! Some may experience spot breakouts due to increased sebum production, others may get ‘the mask of pregnancy’ caused by increased pigmentation around the face and bump. If you’re glowing then it is very much down to pregnancy hormones retaining moisture, leaving your skin plump and eliminating any fine lines. You’ll naturally be producing more oil and your skin cells will renew more frequently giving a fresh and clear look. There will be a lot of extra blood circulating around your body that will also give you a warm and flushed feeling at times.

The downside of this wonderful moisture retention for our faces is it may make our legs and ankles swell up – another side effect of pregnancy unfortunately. Rather ironically, drinking more water actually helps your body to become less swollen, encouraging it to let go of any access fluid.

Poise + Go wants to help you get your glow. If you’ve enjoyed that fresh-faced look during pregnancy trimester two and would like to get it back, we can help. And, for all those women whose bodies never allowed them to get to glowing stage, we would love to help you experience that feeling.  

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